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Whatever your needs / wishes are, NettoTrade assist you all the way. Right from the design of new or existing products, prototypes and the like. You decide how / when our help is combined with yours, so we'll just have the process that suits your task.

NettoTrade offers:
  • Sales in Denmark and Poland.
  • Full discretion.
  • Concept.
  • Production and product development.
  • Assistance in connection with acquisitions or reason.
  • Feedback and development.
  • Assistance for the recruitment of staff.
  • Assistance in finding new partners.
  • Recruitment of NettoTrade as an agent or consultant work.

Our policy

We give everyone a fair deal.

  • We work for our clients.
  • We work with our clients.
  • That price is fixed before the work begins.
  • Possibly. drawings are approved before work begins.
  • That we do not parallel with a task takes a similar task.
  • We enter into agreements with trucking companies, to get the cheapest transport.

We mainly work only with major reputable companies.

  • Companies are major operators in the Polish market.
  • They work professionally.
  • That they have an export-oriented person.
  • They are open to dialogue.

We are in Poland!

We are physically present in Poland, with our own office, and it helps us in surveys and follow-on order and projects.

We have a strong network, with access to lawyers and accountants so that all functions can be disputed, even if we were to assist in a possible relocation phase.

John Grønbech
Tokkendrup 17
5450 Otterup
(+45) 22 71 94 43

Kim V. Petersen
ul. I. Krasickiego 14 / 13
65-512 Zielona Gora
(+48) 502 554 546