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About us

NettoTrade S.m.b.A. is a trading company that has as its objective to create the connection between the Polish and Danish companies that have common goals. It may be the production, purchase, sale, development or relocation of business. It may be the direct contact, or it may be with NettoTrade as an intermediary.

We are physically present in Poland, with our own office and this helps in investigations and follow-up on orders and projects. We have also built a strong network, with access to lawyers and accountants so that all functions can be disputed, even if we were to assist in a possible relocation phase.

We usually say "that no job is too big or too small," and we'd love to be connected, as early as possible in the project.

NettoTrade's owners have many years of experience, including been engaged in sale and management, which makes us a good sparring in the daily work. NettoTrade's business structure is built in a flat organization, so there is rapid feedback, and we have low operating costs, which means that we are highly competitive.

John Grønbech

John Grønbech trained merchant from TietgenSkolen in Odense and project management training "PRINCE2 Foundation", from 2012. John has worked as a field operating salesman since 1982 and has held various sales jobs, including as Area Manager, Sales Manager, Independent and Product Manager, and it has given him sales experience within retail & catering wholesalers and retailers. John speaks Danish and English and can communicate in German, Norwegian and Swedish.

Kim V. Petersen

Kim V. Petersen trained merchant has 25 years of management experience and has trained as a Business Diploma Leader. Kim’s tasks are contact to supplier in Poland, the daily management in Poland and some customer contacts in Denmark. Kim speaks Danish and English.

Tomasz Kalka

Tomasz Kalka has a technical-education and is among other things the supply outlet in Poland and is technically responsible. Tomasz speaks Polish and English.

John Grønbech
Tokkendrup 17
5450 Otterup
(+45) 22 71 94 43

Kim V. Petersen
ul. I. Krasickiego 14 / 13
65-512 Zielona Gora
(+48) 502 554 546